The Abomination



Damage: Very High
Health:  ????
Encountered in: Final Map (4mother)
Entity name: Unknown

The Abomination is a spider-like being rarely encountered in Afraid of Monsters and the Director's Cut.


In the original Afraid of Monsters, the appearance of the Abomination is quite different from the Director's Cut, where it has a singular red eye and three arms as well as a humanoid shape. In the Director's Cut, the monster consists of a tangle of black flesh which twitches violently as it hobbles around. It has a single, white head in the middle of the mass, and it's attack has a very short yellow beam of electricity flash from its legs.


In the original Afraid of Monsters, the Abomination appears infrequently throughout every level. In the Director's Cut, however, they do not appear until late in the game. Easily spotted in the city and in the final parts of the game, the Abomination is generally found in small rooms or corridors due to its slow movement. Two appear in the city block outside of the sewers.


  • The Abomination has a sting attack that causes the player to become poisoned, leeching away health points for some seconds. During this time, the screen will gain a yellow tint and the audio will be replaced with white noise, resembling the effects of tinnitus.
  • It moves rather slowly and has a moderate amount of hit points.
  • The Abomination has no apparent weaknesses, as it consists entirely of a huge body made up of twisted legs.
  • The best tactic is to use the shotgun from a safe distance.


  • While most creatures tend to resemble some real-life counter part, such as the twitchers resembling people or the one-eyed dogs resembling actual dogs, the Abominations are likely just hallucinations David experiences from his pills, as indicated by their irrational placements in the city levels and their meaningless form and attack.
  • The body of the Abomination is a heavily edited Vortigaunt from Half-Life. In the original Afraid of Monsters, it is merely a reskin of the Vortigaunt itself.


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