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The Asylum is one of the last locations of Cry of Fear. Located deep within the Forest, Simon finds the Doctor holding up here and attempts to confront him inside. This is one of the locations in which decisions made by the player affects the ending (the other being Waspet Gardens). If Simon chooses to give the Doctor the Ruger P345 from the basement, it will trigger the best ending, but only if the player has killed Carcass prior.


The area is very self-explanatory, being a long-abandoned, decaying asylum that has not been in use for at least a decade. Signs of vandalism and graffiti tagging are highly present plus in most corners. In the recent years it seems to have suffered power issues, as backup power is the only thing dimly lighting the lobby area. One of the objectives of the asylum is to restore the main generator which in turn lights most of the facility and opens up some areas.

Doctor Purnell is finally confronted by Simon here, and fought against him, wielding either Ruger P345, or if the player chooses not to hand the gun over, the doctor will instead wield the Taurus Revolver Simon kills him by dealing many fatal stomping blows to his head.

Relevance to Simon

In the fourth ending Simon gets sent to a hospital, the asylum is the place where Simon goes to - although in real life the hospital is much more clean and well put.


  • The asylum is based on a real life asylum known as Beckomberga Upptagningspaviljongen, which has now been renovated into an elderly home.
  • Although it is an area that the player is evidently not meant to be able to access, after defeating the doctor and escaping through the asylum's back door, with the aid of a gravity cheat, it is actually possible to jump up through the window where Sick Simon was holding the combination for the attic door. Although the room is empty, the entrance door to the room is still a usable entity, when using it one of the game's generic locked messages will display ("The lock is smashed in, it won't budge"). It is unknown if this area was once intended to be accessed by the player, or whether the developers simply left it in for the sake of completion.
  • Scattered on some walls and doors, the name "Adam Tensta" will appear. This is a swedish rapper.
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