• KatSchidt


    November 26, 2016 by KatSchidt

    Loving this wiki! hope you guys enjoy my contributions.

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  • Strclaw.dash

    A weird true story.

    October 7, 2015 by Strclaw.dash

    This is a story that happened to me when i was much younger.

    I was maybe, 14 or early 15 and this occured to me.

    I was just browsing a random website about sadness, when something opened up, it was a page named [--4ifgir--CONFIDENTIAL---4ifgir--] and one of the pictures shown to me was about a guy, croutched down staring into a wall, surrounding him with darkness. After i scrolled down a little bit, it shows another picture showing a man with a top hat, a tie, suit and weird, pointy hair killing a middle aged man and a young woman with one slash from a knife, with a description saying 'sinners will be punished' thats when i accidentally clicked it to zoom in, where the image starts blinking from the man in the top hat, smirking. I quickly cl…

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  • Jugadorgamesnigwolf

    Cry of fear

    August 21, 2014 by Jugadorgamesnigwolf

    Cry of fear fue el primer juego que probe en mi compu me asuste mal pero pase la histpria que salga el dos 

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  • AlViPatTheMaster


    August 12, 2014 by AlViPatTheMaster

    Can't figure out what to say but.... i'll try to search some info in game

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  • Atay97

    Hi Guys, 

    So I am currently doing an assignment where a chosen game (cry of fear) has to be turned into a movie, however must contain elements that appeal to the gamers that play it. 

    I have honestly never played this game, so I was wondering if yous would help me out? If you have played it, would you at all be interested in going to see a movie based around it? 

    What are elements of the game that you enjoyed the most and what didnt you really enjoy? 

    Lastly, if you could, would there be anything that you would change about the game?


    Any help at all would be appriciated :) :) 

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  • CrackingCody007

    I do a youtube horror letsplay series called Sleepy Horror, where I take my Insomnia meds and play horror games and film my reactions and the game. I am recently doing Cry of Fear, which is terrifying! So go check me out at CrackingCody. Please subscribe too!


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