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Are you looking for Simon Henriksson? Or perhaps Sick Simon?

Book Simon is a final boss in Cry of Fear. Considered the "true" final boss of the game, he is faced if you killed Carcass and trusted Doctor Purnell with the gun in the Asylum. Defeating him will unlock the 4th ending (arguably the "good" ending).

About the Boss

Book Simon is practically a twisted version of the protagonist, silent and bloodied. He's very similar to The Addiction, the final boss in Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut. He attacks the player first with a Glock 19, then with a Remington 870, then with an MP9, and finally with a sledgehammer, constantly fleeing when inflicted enough damage.

The little twist is that you fight him as the Real Simon, in a wheelchair. The player, in fact, was playing as Book Simon during the entire game until the end (and plays as him in the 3 bad endings).

Book Simon, armed with a flare and a sledgehammer, is gunned down in a dark alley and once he's killed it triggers the ending where Simon survives.

In Co-op mode, sometimes the game will turn black and white and the music from Chapter 8 will play. To get the game back to normal, you have to track and kill Book Simon, who is armed with a shotgun.

Although he seemed perfectly real and vain in his attempts to kill the "real" Simon, he was ultimately a hallucination (though from what real Simon saw, he had died). This may show how the crippled, broken down Simon overcame his dark, wretched existence which he once begrudged, and came at peace with himself, ultimately triggering the arguably good ending.

Relevance to Simon

Book Simon can be considered as the embodiment of all of Simon's mental problems. His depression, anxiety, despair and hatred towards everyone and everything. It is hinted that if the player chose the 'dark' paths (such as sparing Carcass and/or not trusting Purnell), the Simon played throughout the game turns into the bloodied, battered form he is seen here.


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