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The Brügger and Thomet MP9 (commonly known as the "MP9" or its previous name, the "TMP") is the second automatic weapon in Cry of Fear.


It is only available to those who have donated 10 US Dollars or more to the game developers and are in the Cry of Fear Donators Steam group. It deals half the damage of a Glock 19, but it has a 30-round magazine, making it extremely useful when fighting groups of weak enemies.


  • Very high rate of fire
  • Efficient in close quarters combat


  • Ammo is extremely scarce
  • Only 4 magazines in Suicide Mode
  • Can be inaccurate
  • Can't be dual-wielded, which does not allow the use of a light source, contrary to the Glock; nor can it be combined with the tactical light
  • Does half the damage of the Glock 19


Previously, the MP9 was named the Steyr TMP, but the name was changed to the MP9 on the Steam Standalone version of Cry of Fear. However, it is still referred to as the "TMP" in the game data files.

If a player has not donated, the MP9 will be replaced by a Glock 19 and the MP9 ammo will be replaced with 9mm Bullets. The MP9 can be found in three different locations:

  • The TL Trading AB (Upon picking the MP9 up, the player will encounter the 3 headed slower)
  • In the offices
  • In the subways


Shoot sound


  • The MP9 is a 9mm selective fire Parabellum class machine pistol that can fire 900 or 1,100 rounds per minute, depending on the variant.
  • It was designed in Switzerland mostly for military use, and although it is an evolution from the design of the Steyr TMP, it is actually a distinct weapon in its own right. It differs from the TMP in that it has a stock that folds to the right, an integrated Picatinny rail, and a trigger safety.
  • A civilian variant called the TP9 also exists.
  • It has detachable magazines that can hold 15, 20, 25, and 30 rounds, and has numerous variants chambered in other calibres (such as the MP45, chambered in .45 ACP).
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