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The Crawler (model name Krypande) is a variation of the Slower and Croucher encountered in Cry of Fear, specifically in the vents that lead you to the room where you find the Remington 870.

About the Monster

Crawlers are rare encounters and tend to appear only in ventilation systems and tight areas. They move really fast, as fast as a Croucher and can catch up to Simon quickly, yet their attack speed is really slow and they must stop to attack, so evading their attacks is easy. 

A special variation of the Crawler and the Citalopram appears in the subways, after reaching the end of a long vent system. This enemy is known as Krypandenej (canon model name), which seems to have the bottom half of its body seemingly broken and useless. Although it is a rare variation and encountered only in that part of the game, it can be killed as any other Crawler.

Relevance to Simon

The Crawler represents Simon's crippled state, as the Crawler only moves with his hands. The Krypandenej variation has his legs completely broken, which represents how Simon's legs are broken and useless after the hit-and-run accident.


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