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The Croucher or Crab is a variation of the Slower and Faceless that walks on all fours, easily being able to duck under most of Simon's attacks and strike his legs. They are relatively difficult to spot when the player is not expecting to encounter one, making them a dangerous foe to encounter.

About the Monster

They are quite rare, showing up first after fighting Sawer in the apartment's basement. After this particular area, Crouchers don't appear for the rest of the game. And it is quite possible to jump over them without taking any damage at all.


If you decide to or must fight a Croucher, simply jump onto their chest and attack them; they cannot attack you while you are on top of them. If you are extremely bored, you could try riding one using this tactic.


Blue crouchers have hollow eye sockets, while red ones have a bizarre, horizontal mouth and "fish" eyes. Green ones have half their face as blue's appearance, and half the same as red's. Some crouchers have zippers on the side of their head.

Relevance to Simon

The Croucher's low stature could relate to Simon's difference, or low status to the rest of the world, having no legs to meet the heights his eyes would normally see prior to the accident. Another relevance being the Croucher's function as an enemy to attack Simon's legs, harming what he lost in the accident.


  • Initially, the Croucher was going to be used in Afraid of Monsters, but was removed and the concept re-used in Cry of Fear.
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