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The Depression Helpline refers to a helpline Simon calls in a vain attempt to receive some help for his situation in Cry of Fear.


After escaping through the basement of the Apartments Simon finds a police car with a Nightstick. Further around the next corner in a small alley between 2 buildings Simon locates a torn and damaged magazine article. Most of the content is illegible but the article is about depression and a number (543-214) is given for a helpline. Calling this helpline offers Simon little reprieve from his nightmares but the sinister voice on the end of the line does give him the code for the door to the next area. The conversation proceeds as follows:


Cry Of Fear - Depression Helpline

Simon: Hello. Hello?! Who is this?

Voice: Follow the path of inequity. Yield not to the light. Darkness is your new master
Simon: What?!
Voice: The number... remember the number and you shall proceed
Simon: What the fuck are you talking about? I need help, please!
Voice: 5...2...4...7
Simon: God damn it! Help me!

— The conversation

Relevance to Simon

The most likely explanation is that the depression helpline is a direct reference to a depression helpline Simon called in real life as part of his struggle to cope with his depression. The deeply sinister voice at the end of the line shows that this was most likely an incredibly tense and intimidating step for Simon to take. Although the person on the end of the line offers Simon a little short term help in the code for the nearby door, in the long run it does little to help him. This is also likely showing that in real life the depression helpline probably offered Simon some short term relief, however in the long run it did little to help Simon quiet the chaos in his mind, and as he didn't find it all that helpful he most likely never called again.


  • According to the developer commentary the voice on the phone is actually ruMpel's own voice. He used another phone to call his own mobile then placed a recording device by the speaker of his phone, thus making the sound more authentic.
  • In this area, a police car is parked with a Nightstick next to it on the ground. How it came to be in this location is a mystery as there are no roads connected to this area, it is completely contained and sealed off.

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