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Developer Commentary is an Unlockable which is collected by beating the game on any difficulty and any ending. They are red speech bubbles with the text "Developer Commentary" on it.


A developer commentary bubble in the first nightmare sequence.

Andreas "ruMpel" Rönnberg[]

(Disclaimer: These are put in no particular order)

"Hello, I am Andreas Rönnberg also known as ruMpel, and I am the level designer and leader for Cry of Fear. And in this map we added a camera sequence and uh... You may wonder why we added that, and that's because from the beginning we decided to have Cry of Fear as a simple mod, when I started the project I wanted Cry of Fear to only be just a sick mod, that I wanted to be really scary, and why you were taking photos was because Simon had like a psychosis or something and he had killed his mother and went around taking photos of her, but we scrapped that later on, and we decided to just have this sequence to be a nice little thing, because having this sequence is scary because it makes you unable to know what will happen when you take photos, and I like that."

"This is the start map and it was the first maps for Cry of Fear that was ever created. Uh, from the beginning it was just using simple looking Half-Life pictures with very low resolution, and later on I went to my capital city Stockholm, where I went around taking photos, and made my own costume textures to make it look really like Stockholm, and have a really photorealistic look. Then later on, I wanted to make the windows, the buildings to have their lights on, and I wanted to have people standing there and watching you but, I never added it because I didn't want to confuse the players too much in the beginning, I wanted it to stay kinda simple in the beginning, not have too much shit appearing."

"This is the Apartments map and it's also one of the very first maps that was ever created, and the fun thing with this map is that it's also a replica of a structure in real life, it's the building where my dad lives, and I think it's very cool to be there in real life and run around and play like if you were Simon. I think it's pretty cool and it looks exactly like the building where my dad lives."

"Those metallic bars are supposed to be like barriers or something that the monsters have placed, and we wanted the players to think it was monsters who have blocked you in and wanted to kill you. Also, the boards, the wooden boards blocking the doors are also that. And that's what's happening after the bathtub scene where you hear something hammering and it was supposed to make the player think that monsters have trapped you. At that time the player doesn't know that everything was within a book, we wanted the player to think that everything was kind of like a virus outbreak where people went insane or something, and then we wanted the player to think that maybe a gas, like, the Doctor is wearing a gasmask, and that we wanted the players to think that maybe a gas is making people hallucinate and stuff, and making people crazy. But yeah, so that's the idea behind those bars and wooden boards blocking your way."

(Original was sped up) "You really want to know this spoiler or easter egg, do you? You really can't just find it by your own? Or maybe your just too f*cking gay to actually find it by yourself, that's so f*cking gay, that's so f*cking disgusting, and just so... I don't know, just, I don't know... But *METAL CLANG* I'm going to reveal it to you now *METAL CLANG* *METAL CLANG* if you use the lighter on the cigarettes, you'll trigger a cutscene, and that cutscene actually has a meaning, it means that, oh wait, you take a smoke next to the dead guy who has committed suicide and the camera is showing them both and Simon as he's smoking. And the idea behind that scene is that: Smoking kills."