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The Camera of Death is a secret weapon in Cry of Fear, unlocked after beating the game in any difficulty with any ending under 2 hours and 30 minutes. It appears to be modeled off a Cosina CT-7 with a thin camera flash mounted on the hot shoe mount, and without the side grip.


It does not directly damage enemies, but instead freezes them in place. Frozen enemies are harmless and can be safely ignored, as they will remain in that state indefinitely and despawn once the player leaves the area. Frozen enemies can still be damaged and killed normally, for example if they're blocking a narrow passageway.


  • Freezes enemies permanently
  • Infinite ammo
  • Does not affect the ranking
  • Can be used to freeze Sawrunner


  • Slow rate of fire
  • Somewhat unclear area of effect
  • No effect against bosses
  • Cannot freeze enemies while they are in spawn animation


  • The camera cannot freeze enemies in the middle of their spawn animations. Time your shots to hit enemies after they start moving normally.
  • The Stranger may sometimes still damage the player when frozen, and killing it in that state may cause the damage aura to linger after its death.


  • The screen on the back suggests the camera is digital, however the winding lever that Simon cranks after taking each shot suggests an analog operation, as it is used to advance film.
  • There's a notion that using it on the Doctor boss will blind him and cause his shots to miss more often, which is not true.


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