Damage: Low-Medium
Health: Same as Crazyrunners
Encountered in: Nightmare Sequence (Apparition)
Building Room (Screamer)
Forest sections (Manhunt)
Entity name: monster_rcrazy
env_model (jumpscare)
The Dreamer (canon model name) is an apparition, screamer and enemy in Cry of Fear. The Dreamer appears for the first time in a Nightmare Sequence. In the Manhunt co-op campaign, the Dreamer was introduced as a variation of the Crazyrunner.

About the Monster

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Dreamer's appearance in Cry of Fear.

The Dreamer appears in the single player campaign as an apparition and screamer. Its first appearance is at the beginning of the You Will Die... sequence, right after killing Mace and retrieving the key from its stomach. Then, after escaping the first Sawrunner chase, Simon will enter a building with plenty of rooms. When entering one room in particular and heading back, the Dreamer will burst from the room's door while making a high-pitched scream.

The Dreamer only appears as an enemy in the co-op campaign Manhunt. When entering the forest section of the campaign, the cops will encounters many of these enemies.

Relevance to Simon

Similarly to the Drowned, the Dreamer might represent Simon's mother.

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