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Seriously, this appears in the game. Did you find it?

This is a list of the Easter eggs that can be found throughout Cry of Fear.

Simon's Bag

Simon's Bag 1

Simon's Bag

On Simon's bag you can find many Easter eggs such as a KULT patch, a Megadeth patch and a Led Zeppelin patch.

Sporkeh Tactical Light


If you look closely, you will see that the tactical light is embossed with the word "Sporkeh". This is the online nickname of Jordy Boerema 9, who skinned, animated, and modeled the weapons in Cry Of Fear.



Stephano figurine

Initially, it was an Easter Egg only released for PewDiePie, but was later released for everyone who had the mod. To find it, after breaking the brick wall to reach the yellow doors, the player must run straight and jump while pressing the action button to open the door in the ceiling. The player will enter a room in which they will find a morphine syringe and the Stephano figurine on a table. If the players touches it, Simon will say "Stephano? What the fuck PewDiePie!" then the wall in front of Simon will collapse, revealing the Handcrab from Afraid of Monsters on another table which will immediately attack the player. The Handcrab is nicknamed "Ruben" by PewDiePie in his Afraid of Monsters Playthrough videos, which is (probably and highly likely) the reason of the Handcrab's appearance for PewDiePie.

This Easter egg is available since Patch 1.2 or later version excluding 1.6. Since version 1.6 (standalone release), this Easter egg has been completely deleted.

"Stop Playing"

This Easter egg can be found in the Subway station. The player can find an advertisement containing the message "Don't continue playing, it can be dangerous". Though the letters might be a little unreadable, the message of this Easter Egg is quite obvious.

Dave Benson Phillips

This Easter egg can be found in the very beginning of the game, after waking up in the alley, turn around and look on top of a newspaper near a dumpster. There is a very tiny photo of British entertainer Dave Benson Phillips. Pressing the "Use" key on this photo 100 times collects the image and causes the message "Congratulations! You got DAVE BENSON PHILLIPS!" to appear.


302px-Subway restaurant

The original Subway logo

This Easter egg was added in the co-op campaign Manhunt. SubYow is a service in the subway part of the campaign. It is based on the :yow: smiley from the Cry of Fear forums, and is a parody of the popular American fast food restaurant franchise Subway.

Modding Claims Lives

This Easter egg was added in the coop campaign Manhunt, located in the map before reaching Purnell's house. The players will eventually find a sledgehammer and an M16. Taking the sledgehammer and breaking the door in the map. The players will find an image with the words "Modding claims 1000 lives every year" followed by 2 images of ruMpel, one of the images showing ruMpel some years younger (presumably taken before or during the making of Cry of Fear) than the image to the right, which is a more actual picture of him. At the side of this Easter egg there is a friendly Sawrunner, who won't attack you nor your mates, but instead will attack any enemy on its sight, so releasing him can allow the players to save some ammo.

Happy Simon's café

In the college, there is a cafeteria named Gla´a Simons café, which translates to "Happy Simon´s café". Which is ironic, seeing as the real Simon is deeply depressed and suicidal.

Joe Biden cube

When playing co-op in the city area leading towards the park, the players can break down a wooden board that is located near an M16 spawn with a blue van on the right, and a Bnova store behind them. Inside the small opening, there is a rotating cube with Joe Biden's face on it. If the players touch it, they will be instantly killed.

Joe Biden boss fight

In single-player campaign before Simon fights the Carcass, if the player inputs the command "sv_joebiden 1" into the console they will fight an invisible carcass, and the projectiles it fires will be Joe Biden cubes.



Cry of Fear - 911?

When the player equips Simon's phone, press Z and dial 911 or 122, Simon will make the call but will only hear screams and terrifying sounds. This can be done only once every time you play the single-player campaign, as well as in any custom campaign that has the Mobile Phone in it.

Down with the Sickness

To achieve this Easter egg, the player must get the 5th ending and then before entering Simon's house, type 'cl_downwiththesickness 1' into the console. Later when the player activates the button and gets ambushed by the twitcher mob, the song "Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed will play in the background.

Note: if you don't reset 'cl_downwiththesickness' to 0 after this, the game's ordinary music will not play properly.

Black Circle cement bag

2014-04-20 00014

Before going down the staircase that takes Simon to the sewers section where he'll get the Shotgun and fight Mace, Simon will arrive in a construction area. Here, there are some cement bags with the name Black Circle on them, along with a circle logo. The name of the cement bag and its circular logo is a reference to the Black Mesa Research Facility logo, the primary setting for the original Half-Life.

Depressed Simon

I'm Sad

To get this Easter egg, the player will need to unlock the secret package first by getting ending 4. In the next playthroughs, the player can take the secret package from the secret room, and continue through the game as normal. Once the player arrives inside the TL trading building, the player can use the secret package on one of the doors on the top floor, and the door will be unlocked, and the secret package will be gone. If the player heads inside they will find themselves in a small completely black room with a bench. Simon will be sitting on the bench with his hands on his eyes, and will not react to anything. The model used is the same one from the very first nightmare sequence in the game where he punches a mirror and was also one of the first Simon models created for Cry of Fear (which was also shown on one of the very first trailers of Cry of Fear as well as in this early gameplay footage)

Rabbit Meme

Throughout the whole city and in the subway station there are some memes with a rabbit on it. The meme says "Kaniner, Alla Älskar Kaniner", which translates to "Rabbits, everybody loves rabbits".

Intimidated by Abnormalities

Throughout the subway station, there are some posters featuring a movie called Intimidated by Abnormalities made by the creators of Cry of Fear, featuring Enrique Iglesias and David Leatherhaven. This is just a playword for Afraid of Monsters, as the monster shown in the poster is The Addiction, the mod's final boss.

Sick Simon writing his book

In Chapter 4, during the beginning of the Nightmare Sequence the player can hear some rasping noise. If the player chooses to go back through the yellow doors they go to a dark barred room with Sick Simon across from you. He is writing in his book frantically, to the point of spamming. The player cannot harm him in any way.

Hello Kitty...

This happens whilst the player is in the maintenance tunnels during the subway level. After crossing the pipes section, the player will enter a tunnel with a dead cat inside. If the player examines the cat 5 times, Simon will say "Hello Kitty...". Doing this will unlock the Hello Kitty Hoodie.

Cigarette Easter Egg


Simon smoking after using the lighter

In the construction site area, after you acquire the lighter, on the table where the player finds the lighter the player can find an ashtray, if the player uses the lighter on the ashtray a cutscene will start where it shows Simon smoking while leaning against the wall next to the dead body.

Very Funny... An Easter Egg


Simon remarking on the easter egg

In one of the city maps (c_city2) Simon must go through some apartments to gain access to Gustav-Dahl Park. In one of them, in an unlit room on a table with a hi-fi and a some computer equipment sits an ornamental, ornately painted egg in the style of a Russian orthodox painted egg. Using the egg, which is difficult to see due to the darkness of the room will cause Simon to remark "Very funny... An easter egg...".

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