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The Faster (a.k.a. Blade Lady or "Señora") is a monster in Cry of Fear.


Simon encounters this enemy first in the apartment building. She emits piercing screams and attacks by slashing and stabbing Simon with her two blade-like appendages she has for arms. Since she has the same metallic appendages as her legs, she makes a distinctive sound while walking. When killed, the monster stabs its neck with its blades, falling to the ground while make a painful, sad-like wail.

About the monster

There are currently 2 variations of the Faster:

The first being a mutilated woman which constantly emits screams when pursuing Simon. This is the variant always encountered throughout the single player mode of Cry of Fear.

The second variant appears in the Doctor mode and Cooperative mode, being encountered in the apartments in place of the first variant in Doctor mode and an optional house in the forest during Cooperative mode. The second variant, is a male and has distinctly cleaner blades. Its head is obscured by bars that appear to be growing from its shoulders to form a protective cage, these bars making it impossible to perform a head shot on the creature.

This variant appears to have been the original Faster developed for the game, but was eventually replaced by the female variant. The second appears to have only been put in as a reference, or a means of providing variety.

It is worth noting that there is an unused animation in the model files where the second Faster variant kills an older version of Simon's model, piercing Simon's throat with one blade before impaling him with the other and throwing him to the ground. This is likely during a time in development when an animation was meant to be played when a monster killed the player.

Relevance to Simon

Due to both variants having metallic appendages for limbs, it could represent how Simon's legs were replaced by a metallic wheelchair after the hit-and-run incident. The head of the male variant having a cage can represent Simon's head "caged" in his madness and emotional problems. The female faster can represent the parents or other people he sees in his apartment that are a pain to deal with, especially with their children. The faster also stabs itself when it gets killed, this may represent Simon's suicidal tendencies.


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