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The Fists are usable only if equipped with the Cellphone, and Pistol Whip only usable if equipped with a firearm. It's useful to save ammo, but it's weak.


Pistol whipping does little damage, but, as stated above, is very useful if you are out of ammo or what to save any ammo you have left. Pistol whipping with any pistol-type weapons or items like the Mobilephone will destroy planks. You can also break boards with your fists. It also does not require any stamina. On the other hand, pistol whipping with any rifles-type weapons (Remington 870FAMAS, M16, Hunting Rifle, etc.) will not deal any damage, but only push the enemy away. It can't even break planks, and it depletes a small amount of stamina.


  • Moderately fast, but slow compared to other methods
  • Doesn't affect accuracy unlike other melee weapons
  • Doesn't take up inventory space
  • Almost always available
  • Pistol whipping with any single handed or pistol-type gun can break wooden planks
  • Whipping with any dual-handed weapons (rifles, shotgun, etc.) will stun enemies, allowing you to kill them without them fighting back


  • Weakest form of assault in the entire game.
  • Whipping with any two handed or rifle-type gun will not affect any breakable object. It also consumes a bit of stamina
  • Will not have any effect of any kind on bosses.


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