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The Flygare is a monster encountered in Cry of Fear single player, Co-op, and Doctor Mode, specifically after exiting Gustav Park, heading to Waspet Gardens. It seems that the creature has control over the bed's movements.


It's a form of the slower strapped down into an upside-down bed by at least four straps, which is hovering over the ground. It resembles more of a bald, human-like creature wearing a white undershirt, blue jeans, and appears barefooted. Both bloodied hands holds each a pair of scissors. Metal pieces from the bed appear rusted.

About the monster

The Flygare is the only flying monster (not counting Carcass) across the whole game. It has two ways of attacking Simon: the first is attacking him with two scissors, while the second is throwing him some sort of acidic projectile. They make a tell-tale 'roaring' grunt, when Simon is in the area, and the splattering of their projectiles only makes it easier to know when one is around.

Flygare park

The Flygare encountered while heading to Waspet Gardens

It is recommended to evade this enemy in open areas, but if they are encountered in closed spaces (like the Subway Station), they can be a menace due to their accuracy, but can be easily killed with one shot of the Hunting Rifle. When focusing on one of these creatures, you can observe that they have a cooldown period between attacks. When a Flygare is about to spit its projectile, it's head will begin to spasm; this is the player's cue to sidestep an oncoming shot.

The Flygare appears in the following places:

  • After exiting Gustav Park, while heading to Waspet Gardens.
  • In Waspet Gardens, after digging up the key to the apartment's entrance.
  • In both Saxon Avenue and Hanson Square subway stations, after doing certain tasks, they appear.
  • In Kirkville, near the end of the game (only a few).
  • In Doctor Mode, they appear on Preston Road (around 7 of them), as well as in front of the apartments.

Relevance to Simon

The Flygare is likely meant to symbolize Simon's growing insanity, as well as his crippled state. A common tactic used on insane patients in asylums is to restrain them to their beds, evidently a nod to Simon's mental state. The creature's inability to move without the assistance of the bed is likely a nod to Simon's wheelchair.

The Flygare's hands are bleeding and with various slits and cuts, which represents Simon's self-harm in real life.


  • Flygare means Flyer in Swedish.
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