The Glock 19 is the first firearm in Cry of Fear and the first of the 3 handguns in the game to be found. Simon finds it in the apartment building, hanging from the hand of a corpse in the ceiling. Later on in the game, Simon will find a tactical light for the Glock, allowing him to carry a light source and the gun without dual-wielding the cellphone with the Glock. This weapon is very effective against the Slowers and Suiciders, the latter leaving ammunition for this weapon after killed. 

Pros and Cons

Tactical light

Glock with tactical light equipped


  • Has the second highest magazine capacity of all of the pistols.
  • Pistol whip when used alone, which can be effective for conserving ammo.
  • It can be equipped with a tactical light, eliminating the need to dual wield with a separate light source. Allowing both easier reloads and aforementioned pistol whipping.
  • Moderately low recoil.
  • Easy to use iron sights.
  • Ammunition is extremely plentiful.
  • An overall useful weapon.


  • The weakest pistol in the game.
  • Slightly longer reload time leaves player vulnerable.

In Real Life

The series of handguns known as "Glocks" are among the most ubiquitous handguns in the world, and make up 65% of all guns purchased for law enforcement agencies in the United States of America, and are commonly used among law enforcement agencies in 48 other countries. Although not the first, the Glock is the most commonly used polymer framed handgun, and they remain incredibly popular guns among law enforcement officials, and civilians. There are a variety of different Glocks, the Glock featured in the game, the Glock 19 is a compact 9mm pistol with a 15 shot magazine as standard (17 and 33 shot magazines are also available). It is favoured among concealed carry owners due to its compact design and light weight (just 855 grams with a fully loaded 15 shot cartridge). They were designed by Gaston Glock in Austria, founder of the Glock gun company. The first glock hit the market in 1982.



The taclight is embossed with the name "Sporkeh". This is in fact the online name of Jordy Boerema, who designed, skinned, and modelled the weapons in Cry of Fear.

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