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HER is a Custom Campaign created by Jonathan "Lockdown" Jones.


Simon starts in a house in front of a door with stairs next to it. The player can go up the stairs and find two more doors, but he can't open them as they are fake doors. Upon entering the door initially in front of him, they enter a pitch black room and Simon mentions that he needs something to light his way. When you exit the room there will now be now a flashlight on the table. When using the flashlight in the pitch black room, the player is greeted with a switchblade on a table and a Slower on the other side. After killing the Slower and exiting the room, there will be another slower spawned in the hallway. Killing this Slower reveals a note behind it that says this:

They're waiting for you, darling, upstairs.

With love,




When going upstairs, there will be an open corridor to the player's right that wasn't there before. When entering the corridor, the door at the end becomes extremely dark, when they walk forward, the door and the entrance to the corridor become dark as bloody footprints appear, walk to the center, and stops. Moving either further teleports the player to the park

At the end of the park there are three doors in front of the player; they can only pick the door on the left as the other two can't be open due to Simon saying that their handles burn his hand. When entering the door on the left, the player is teleported to a prison.

In the prison, the player spawns in front of a tape recorder. In the various prison cells you can find a Glock 19, notes from a unknown female character noting her experience of her boyfriend's, presumably, sudden change in behavior into a sadist as he is torturing her. Various Faceless and Slowers appear throughout this part of the campaign. After killing the enemies in the first room of the prison, the player moves to next room with contains more Faceless and Slowers and a door that requires a key to open. To get the key, the player must push a bed in order to enter a cell containing it and another note. Unlocking and entering the locked door leads you to a dark red cage with spikes around it. To leave the cage, you have to wait for a Slower to walk enter the darkness which breaks the cage. Outside the cage there is a note that reads:

The light is your only chance, bask in its warmth and safety.

Do not take the things you hold dear for granted...

— {{{2}}}

This note hints that you have stay in a light source to not die as walking into the darkness will instantly kill the player. The light source in question is a random light from above near a lever that says, "PRESS FOR FORGIVENSS". When switching the lever, the light will start to move slowly, requiring the player to follow it. While following the light, the player will have to do various jumps, wait for directions whenever there are two possible paths the light could go, and fight multiple Fasters. The final part of this section requires you to walk in the middle of various doors slamming and opening repeatedly just like those from the Forest nightmare sequence. At the end of this section, red text appears reading, "ABUSED, DISREGARDED", possibly referring to the state of the female who was getting tortured by her boyfriend. The text then breaks as a Faster spawns behind the player.

The player then walks into a cave as a rock wall suddenly appears behind them. The player is then blinded completely where even the flashlight doesn't give off light until they run into the wall in front of them. A note appears in the middle of the caves that reads:

This is your exile.

Die, it will all END.

— {{{2}}}

In front of where the note is, there is water that the player must swim through to escape the cave. After escaping, the player is greeted with a "the end" text, which marks the end of the level.


Journal #54 8/12/03

Today he took me out to a movie and then a restaurant afterwards! It's really not like him to be this... well NICE to me! It almost felt fake, as if he planned this date a long time ago.

I fell asleep at his place afterwards, the happiest I've felt in a long time.

The next thing I remember is waking up with my head pounding... I had

— Note in the cell with the Glock
absolutely no idea where I was, and the strangest thing is that I didn't even feel scared, the felt familiar to me somehow.

He appeared out of the gloomy shadows, and I then made the connection that I was chained to the wall in his basement. In that moment some things about him came together in my memories...

That flicker of insanity, the wild, evil look in

— Note in the second cell with a Faceless in it
his eyes he sometimes got. Too late I came to the realization this man is fucking insane.

My thoughts were interrupted by an excruciating pain in my foot, followed by the sickening sound of my toenail being pulled out.

The pain would not cease. He did it slowly. Methodically. By the look on his face he was getting

— Note from the cell with the Prison Key in it



— Note in a cell that spawns a Faceless
A fierce amount of pleasure from this.

Just as I thought I would die from this pain, the nail pulled free. The worst of this pain was gone, but this throbbing, bleeding stub was agony in itself.


— Last note at the end of the prison
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