The Hanger is an enemy in Cry of Fear, encountered in the forest area in SP Campaign and Coop mode, warned by a sign that says "Watch out for the Trees".

About the Monster

The hanger is not much of a monster, but more of a hazard and a screamer. They appear while they utter a blood curdling, feminine scream and drop from random trees with nooses around their necks when Simon passes under them, the fall killing them but potentially damaging Simon if they hit him.

They can also be seen in Chapter 8, after Simon kills himself. While you venture Simon's twisted and sick mind, you'll come across with many of these things, hanging from nowhere.

Relevance to Simon

The Hanger might represent Simon's urge to commit suicide, but since the Hanger has a female model, some fans have speculated that The Hanger might represent Simon's mother who, after recieving the news about Simon's accident and his subsequent mental disorders, might have fall in a deep depression for not being able to help his son and hanged herself. Another speculation is that Simon's mother might have commited suicide before the events of the game, leading Simon to a deep mental trauma (which worsened after the accident) and subsequently, his deppressive mood.

Nevertheless, it is known that Simon lives with his mother, so it is unlikely she had killed herself.