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The Hangmen are monsters encountered in a maze faced during a Nightmare Sequences at the conclusion of Chapter 4 in Cry of Fear, just before escaping the subway.


This monster appears to be a humanoid hunged by a chain, it's face is warped and stretched that it flails.

About the Monster

The Hangman will pursue Simon relentlessly, yet does not follow him on its own free will. However, the hook suspending the monster upside down from the ceiling moving along "tracks" on the ceilings can lead to the creature being turned down another hall away from Simon's location. There are more than 3 Hangmen in the Maze, so be careful.

It is not possible to kill the Hangman, and the player is intended to simply run away. Making contact with the creature will instantly kill the player, forcing them to try the maze again from the beginning. Once the player reaches the end of the maze, Simon falls to the ground mere feet from the door before the arrival of the Hangman. Simon manages to get through the doorway and close it just before the creature reaches him, the nightmare ending and the Hangman having vanished with the maze the next time Simon opens the door.

It is worth noting that the idea for the creature was originally a design to be used in Afraid of Monsters 2, where the developers wanted a boss called 'The Hanger' that would pursue the player on a track system from the ceiling. Due to Afraid of Monsters 2 currently not being planned for development, the design was recycled for Cry of Fear.

Relevance to Simon

The Hangman could represent Simon's crippled state as it cannot move freely due to the tracks on the ceilings.


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