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Harbor College is a minor location in Cry of Fear that contains one of the fuses to power a door the Doctor fled through. The Faceless first appearance is in this area.


Harbor College is an average urban college that appears brightly lit, and relatively welcoming after the hardship he faces up to that point, the college is empty upon first visiting, however after retrieving the fuse needed to open the door at the train station, the power to the whole college cuts out and it very quickly becomes a very dark, foreboding, and hostile place with a horde of Faceless attacking him in every corridor.

Relevance to Simon

Harbor College most likely is the college Sophie was referring to when talking to Simon about school. It is possible either that Sophie left the college before Simon, leaving him alone there, or that he was bullied before he met her. Either way, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that someone like Simon who was both physically disabled and had severe mental issues would have trouble fitting in and might indeed be bullied, which would explain why after initially seeming welcoming the college fast becomes an extraordinarily dark and hostile place.


  • Like most locations in Cry of Fear, the college is based on a real life college known as Cyber Gymnasiet Odenplan that ruMpel attended (which has now been closed).
    • According to ruMpel the map was first created for a school project that later on was re-used for Cry of Fear.
  • The road leading up to the college (Harbor Road) is based on Norrtullsgatan 4-6.
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