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Hotel Terror is a Custom Campaign created by Paz.


Simon starts beside a car in the rain, the sign infront of him suggests that he is leaving Fairfield County. Whilst walking on the road Simon asks himself "Where's my bed ..." infront of a gate, entering the gate the player goes over a bridge, on the bridge he again asks himself "Shouldn't I be in the hotel?" and enters the hotel. When he enters the hotel the entrance gets locked and he explains "I have to find a way out of here ...". The player can find a page on a table in the lobby which reads:

— Note

with an image of a silhouette and a cursor. And a tape recorder behind the table. Going up the stairs, the player can go through a door, entering the room the door gets locked and there is a hole on the ground, going down the player can find a "rusty key" exiting the room the player is brought back to the lobby. Going to the second floor the player can unlock a locked door with the rusty key. Going in the player finds a "scissors blade (left half)", grabbing it will trigger a Children to attack the player, after killing the enemy the player will have to go down and unlock another door with the scissors blade.

Entering the room, the player finds themselves inside a kitchen, the player can find a Syringe on the ground and a door. Entering the door the player can find an "old key" and a Drowned and a Children breaks down the door behind the player. exiting there, the player can escape the hotel by unlocking the entrance with the old key. Whilst going over the bridge the bridge breaks and the player falls down into an Hallucination Sequence from Afraid of Monsters. Before the ground breaking again and the player falling down. Luckily, Simon wakes up from the dream and says "I need to get out of here ..." and the campaign ends. In the conclusion it explains:


"Simon finally awoke from his terrible nightmare and decided to leave the hotel ... Thank you for playing. /Paz"

— Paz
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