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iSolation is a Custom Campaign created by Aresaka.

Chapter 1: A damn good question[]

Simon starts waking up in a farm, and says "Where the fuck am I? Oh... I partied again didn't I?" and the chapter starts. At the start there is a lantern which the player can grab for a light source. After walking the player can find a broken fence that they can get over, in the area there is a house but it is not possible to enter it. At the right there is a street light and a door beside it. After entering the door the player can find a Tape Recorder with a fallen tree, clicking on it Simon says "Weird that this is here... oh well, i can record my thoughts and maybe get a clue at whats happening." after getting over the tree Simon finds a gate and says "Oh fuck." before being interrupted by a Slower and yells "Hey, woah agh- Get the fuck off me!" before kicking the Slower off him, and the player has to punch the Slower until it dies. After entering the gate the player finds themselves in a city.

There is another lantern and a Switchblade on the ground. Going up to it, two Slowers will attack the player. At the left there will only be a dead end and a Tape Recorder but going right the player will arrive at a park with a Taller, going forward a Faster will charge at the player, when the player goes down they will arrive at a place similar to the Nightmare Sequences, at the left there is a black box infront of a bloody door, going near the box will make two Fasters scream but there will be none charging at the player. Entering the door, the player falls inside of water, getting out of it and jumping to the platform at the left the player will find another lantern and a Tape Recorder, going forward the player will have to do some platforming before jumping in a pit full of spikes, although jumping in the spikes do not affect the player and the player will instead fall into water, getting out the player will find a Glock 19 and 4 ammo. Going forward the player fights Sawer, defeating it will show a picture with "End of the demo" written on it, and the campaign ends.

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