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The Lake refers to a minor location visited by Simon in Cry of Fear. This location follows the Asylum and can be accessed after Simon deals with the Doctor and obtains the key for the Asylum's back door


The lake is a large open air natural lake surrounded on all sides by a forest, with docks on both ends and a wooden boat used by Simon to row across. After killing the doctor and escaping the Asylum through the back door Simon escapes through a derelict house and uses a door to access the dock, after which he rows across the lake and uses the dock at the other end to access the Sewers.

Relevance To Simon

The lake is a very tranquil and relaxing area with no enemies. The boat ride serves as a relaxing change of pace after the chaos of the game up to that point. As such it is most likely that Simon wrote the lake scene into his book to serve as a metaphor for the fact that after the chaos Sophie's rejection in real life and his struggle to trust Doctor Purnell caused he has finally managed to overcome the issues and may finally feel at peace with the decisions he has made. It could also represent Simon attempting to quiet his mind and find inner peace one last time in order to bring about his concluding fate.



  • The lake is based on a location known as Kyrksjön.
  • In creating this map ruMpel used a trick common in the gaming industry. To make the scene less visually taxing on the game engine and hardware, the water simply represents an invisible shader that reflects the contents of the sky back to the player to achieve the effect of water without having to calculate reflection and refraction.
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