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The M16 Assault Rifle (named Stag Arms AR-15 in the weapon's description image) is a weapon in Cry of Fear.


It can be obtained in the room where the Sawrunner appears for the first time, but it's optional to grab it here since it will appear later in the game (specifically in the bus where the first Taller appears and in the train). It's a powerful weapon capable of firing 3-round bursts (like the VP70) or it can be changed to a single-shot fire. The ammunition for this weapon can be found in many places throughout the game, but it becomes scarce later.

After the train incident, it can be found again in Kirkville, at the elevated house just after exiting the sewer.


  • High rate of fire due to 3-round burst
  • Player can toggle between a single-shot and 3-round burst mode
  • Iron sights are easy to use
  • Effective at taking down multiple enemies and doing considerable damage against bosses


  • Ammunition is scarce later
  • Slow reload time
  • Burst fire has a high recoil
  • Whipping it will drain a small amount of stamina


  • Burst-fire is not really recommended. Semi-auto is the best alternative due to lower recoil and has higher rate of fire. If you can control the recoil, you can use it efficiently without wasting many shots.
  • If you don't grab the M16 after the first Sawrunner boss, you can technically backtrack to that alley when you're going for the two fuses, although it'll save a lot of time if you just grab the M16 at the start of the chase. After Sawrunner breaks the door down, you can just backtrack through the door you entered the area from, and he's no more there.
    • This is due to the game setting that whenever the player enters a new map (with loading screen), all the previous monsters in the previous map will be removed.


Firing sound


  • According to the view model, the rifle is manufactured in New Britain, Connecticut by Stag Arms.
  • The M16 is the military adaption of the AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle that is incredibly popular among American firearms enthusiasts.
  • It was first introduced in 1964 and became famous due to its common use in the Vietnam war.
  • The M16 is one of the most popular military rifles ever made, and the most popular 5.56MM rifle ever produced.
  • It fires at 3,110 feet per second, with an effective range of 550-800 meters, making it a powerful and versatile rifle.
  • The extended shoulder stock, and other design features of the carry hoop make it likely that the M16A2 is the variant depicted in game, a variant designed to allow for more rounds to be fired before overheating, as well as the attachment of an M203 grenade launcher.
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