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The Smith and Wesson M76 is a licensed copy of the Swedish Carl Gustav m/45 SMG that was cut early in Cry of Fear's development.


Not much is known about it, as there was no showing of the weapon in any official media and only the view model and world model remain; no view model hands exist either. There is no damage for it defined in the skill config file and might have shared damage from other weapons in the same vein as the MP5.

Mappers can utilize it by placing a weapon in the level and giving it the model of this weapon, but it will not work as intended unless applied to an SMG.



  • The M76 is a 9MM submachine gun, a copy of the Swedish Carl Gustav M/45 with an open bolt design.
  • It was produced from 1967 to 1974.
  • It was produced because the US government needed the M/45 for their navy seal teams, however due to opposition to the Vietnam war, the Swedish government refused to provide them, so the US government ordered the manufacture of the M76 as a virtual clone.
    • However by the time the weapon was ready it was not needed by the US navy, and production was relatively limited.
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