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Mace is the second boss in Cry of Fear, being fought in the sewers near the end of Chapter 2.


The Mace is a large foe, considerably taller than Simon and bearing several bandages across his body that also cover it's eyes, a bloated tongue hanging from it's mouth. It is named after the large spiked mace he carries, which has the power to kill Simon in one hit if he is not careful during the fight.

About the Boss

Mace appears once The Doctor has fled from Simon after beheading a man he was torturing for the location of a key. As Mace appears, it reveals that he has the key and swallows it before the fight begins. It is notably a very slow foe and is most likely unable to see because of the bandages covering it eyes, often stopping for several moments as if to sniff out Simon before resuming in pursuing him. It can also be assumed that the Mace is able to pursue Simon through hearing, as Simon will make noise whilst moving due to the room being partially flooded.

Despite it's handicaps, Mace is completely immune to all of Simon's weapons. The only way to kill it is to turn one of the four valves around the room all the way to power up it's respective generator, which will prepare to emit a charge through the water in the partially flooded room. Simon will have to power up separate generators to emit enough of a charge to kill Mace, taking care to jump onto dry ground before the electricity can emit. The amount of generators needed to kill Mace depends on the difficulty the player chose at the start of the game.

After it is killed, Mace's fried body still poses a problem due to the key he swallowed - forcing Simon to have to locate a nearby hand saw and cut his way into the corpse's stomach to retrieve the key by hand in order to continue further on.

Relevance To Simon

Mace hits with the impact force of a car. In addition Mace is Bandaged, walks with difficulty and has a shuffling gait, and looks deformed and matches Simon's inner feeling of being broken


  • It is possible to jump before the electric shock which will give you more time to turn one of the valves.


2014-05-31 00003

Mace appearing before fighting Simon

  • Sometimes, an in-game bug prevents Simon from being able to kill Mace when running the game in Nightmare mode, after activating all 4 valves the monster will still have some health left.
    • The reason for this bug is unknown, however it could be caused by the fact that on odd occasions Mace will actually walk across the Podium with the headless corpse, rendering it immune to the damage dealt by the electric shock.
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