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Mobile Phone is a piece of equipment in Cry of Fear.


Simon's phone acts as a flashlight with moderate shining power. It is also used to receive calls and text messages from various people. Eventually the phone runs out of power, and is unusable until Simon finds another battery for it shortly after witnessing the Doctor shoot someone (Note that you have to equip the phone by itself for Simon to actually put the battery into it). Simon loses it later in the game. The phone is modeled after the Sony Ericsson W610i

Later on, pushing Z will allow Simon to make phone calls with it. These calls trigger some events.



  • Attempting to call 911 will result in a what seems to be a mixture of screaming, laughing, and flesh tearing coming from the other end.
  • The game uses Mobile Phone as the icon of the game.
  • It is an actual real life mobile phone called Sony Ericsson W810.

SMS sound

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