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Notes can be found in various places in Cry of Fear.

They are used to provide additional context to the game's story, and to offer the player hints that will help solve some of the game's puzzles. They (along with keycodes and objectives) can be accessed from the tab menu at any time under the "notes section".

There are notes present in the apartments, left by The Apartment Predator. And a magazine that provides a phone number, which gives Simon the keycode to a nearby gate, and others providing hints and tips.

Town Square - Computer Username and Password

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These are found in the town square right at the start of the game. One is found just up a set of stairs, and the other in an alley, one of 16 usernames and 16 passwords will be randomly selected by the game, which are then used on the Cafe's computer to unlock it and get the code for the padlock.

My Secret Note 1


The first note, left by the Apartment Predator

This note was left by the Apartment Predator, it can be found in a hallway on the third floor of the apartments.

3 little kiddies playing in the park, Said the first kiddie, let's go home before it gets dark. The first two went on their merry way home.The third stayed playing. All alone. Come here little child, come to me! The bushes whispered softly. They say curiosity killed the cat...
— My Secret Note 1

My Secret Note 2


This note was left by the Apartment Predator, it can be found in the Predator's apartment, on the second floor of the apartments.

Those little kiddies are so cute. They look so lovely! I just want to touch them... But then those parents come... That's why I have to kill them!
— My Secret Note 2

My Secret Note 3


This note was left by the Apartment Predator, it can be found outside the Roped Off Apartment on the third floor of the apartments. As revealed by ruMpel, the content of this note was intended to provide a hint to the elevator puzzle

Now... As I need to kill some kiddies, I stuck the elevator in the hall. So only the personnel can access it by a secret code. I guess no kiddie will find that out, so they will just have to take the stairs.
— My Secret Note 3

My Secret Note 4


This note was left by the Apartment Predator, it can be found on the forth floor of the Apartments, in the hallway. This note is only accessible after taking the elevator to the 4th floor. After escaping entering the apartment with the dead man in the tub, accessing this note is impossible

This one was a good one. Very nice to kill. Easy to cut with my knife, like to cut food.
— My Secret Note 4

The Magazine


Found in an alleyway outside, immediately after exiting from the basement of the apartments. After dialling the number on the magazine (connected to an article about depression), a creepy voice gives Simon the code to the nearby lock

Sounds familiar? Don't delay - call 543-214 today
— The Magazine

The Sewer Note


This note is found on the second sewer map, in an unlocked room in the maintenance area, in the underground caves. It contains 3 digits of a code for a nearby combination lock, once unlocked the player must find a lighter, then return to the room containing this note to ignite a pool of oil, unblocking the door of the other room and allowing progress to the inner sewer.

Jeff, Welcome to the team!. I'm sure your supervisor has already gone over the basics, but here's a few things you'll want to know! 1) This cave is wet, cold and filled with puddles. Watch your step! 2) Cigarette breaks every 2 hours (most important!) 3) The supervisor is a dick. 4) Remember the code to Section D. You're going to be going back and forth all day, so you'll need to memories it. The code is 279 (the last number is covered in ink)
— The Sewer Note

My Life Note


This note is found in the second part of the "..." nightmare sequence, after crossing the void filled with blood soaked and twisted platforms, and traversing a long corridor, the player will be faced with a room with 4 doors, which must be passed through in a certain order. This note is provided as a hint to allow the player to work out the correct order (The events roughly follow the events of Simon's life... first he got hit by the car, then got confined to the wheelchair, then purchased the gun and begun having suicidal thoughts, then finally started his book therapy).

That fateful night, the child lay upon the road, broken. Why did you have to walk that way so late, young man? Why did you have to be so foolish?" Disillusioned and embittered by his parents' words, the child was broken physically, broken mentally. The men in white placed him in the rolling chairs, how he laughed! How he laughed! And so he lived what remained of his life. One day fate smiled upon the child, and so he came upon the implement of his destruction, decisions! Decisions! The outcome was not certain - Pro captu lectoris, habent sua fata libelli.
— ...

Asylum Note


This note is found on top of a desk, in the basement of the Asylum, in the bowling alley (where the Ruger P345 is also located).

There's something strange about Doctor Purnell...
— Asylum Note
Doctor Purnell... Could it be...
— Simon's response

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