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Out of It is a Custom Campaign created by wnuk2380.


It starts with Simon sitting on a couch with text on the screen that reads "Everything was different back then" the screen then shows a bedroom "I did whatever I wanted to do, all the time" "...but ever since this one time, I have gone clean." "that acid he gave me had to have been bad" with then showing Simon in the kitchen on the ground in the fetal position. After that, it shows a car driving with trees in the surrounding and text on the screen explains "Two months earlier..."

Chapter 1: A Bad Trip[]

Simon is shown smoking in the streets whilst it is raining, Simon explains "I have to sober up before I go home." and control is given to the player. The player has to find a key in order to unlock the maintenance door, beside the key is a Switchblade, going back the stairs the player will be attacked by a Slower. When the player unlocks the maintenance door and enters it they will be brought to outside. Going inside the door that is infront of the basement, the player will be attacked by a Crazyrunner, when the player goes through the exit door they will enter a Nightmare Sequences room, at the left and right there will be two doors that are locked, when you go to the middle the ground will break and you will fall into a Hallucination Sequence from Afraid of Monsters. When Simon wakes up he can find pictures of mouths, approaching the first one will make it dissapear, but when the player approaches the second one they will get jumpscared by The Face and a Faster (that has a different model) will attack the player. A room with "Forgive me." written all over on a wall will be unlocked, the player can find a Ruger P345 and two ammunition for it inside of the room. When the player goes inside of the room gray Slower's will appear outside of the room.

When the player goes through the door outside of the room they will be brought to a bar, and you will have to find a key for the back door. When the player goes outside by the back door and proceeds, two Flygares will attack the player. The player will have to find a key for the pool lobby door to enter it, once the player gets the key they can proceed through the door. Inside of the lobby the player will have to unlock the the pool door with the "swimming pool key". When the player goes through the door they will be attacked by Babies, inside the pool the "exit door key" can be found with Mace inside of the pool aswell. Going back, the player will have to go through the exit door by unlocking it with the key. In the area the player enters they will have to go down and find a plank in order to climb over a broken fence. Once the player goes through they will have to go into an elevator, upon entering the elevator it will go up, but in the proccess the elevator will malfunction and fall down.

Simon will be brought into a completely black area with light at the end, when Simon approaches the light he will be brought into a sewer with him explaining "I can't believe I'm still alive... Was any of that even real?" and "Shit... and I keep losing all my stuff. I can barely remember anything." luckily he can find a AK-47 on a table, although in the water Handcrabs from Afraid of Monsters will attack the player. The next objective will be to restore power which will remove fences that blocked a door under a red light, going through the door the player will be brought into another Hallucination Sequance with Twitchers and Flygares, the player will have to do some parkouring and get the basement key. When the player goes inside the basement they will be attacked by a half transparent Crazyrunner and Slower.

Going up the stairs, you will have to enter a door that brings you to an office room and from there you must go through the exit door. Simon will get to the outside and say "Finally, everything is starting to feel normal again." and drive home by a car, when Simon reaches home he will say "I'm finally home and sober..." and "I need to get revenge on that fucker for giving me that shit!". Simon must exit out of his apartment but interacting with the exit door will explain "You need to have Chapter 2 installed in order to proceed." but a chapter 2 was never created, leaving this Custom Campaign unfinished.

Change log[]

  • Fixed intro
  • Added more monsters
  • Difficulty chosen now affects gameplay greatly
  • Fixed capitalization
  • Ending is slightly different
  • Warehouse key now has a glow
  • Fixed menu issue
  • New maps
  • New weapon: AK-47
  • New ending
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