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The Psychos are enemies in Cry of Fear. Simon faces this enemy in the Asylum. They wear a bucket shaped mask which seems made of paper and wield an axe.

About the Monster

The Psycho's melee attacks are very hard to dodge (being the second fastest-attacking monster, the first being the crawling Faceless). They usually hide in dark corners, awaiting for Simon to pass by and then ambush him. Since his attack are hard to dodge, it's recommended to use guns instead of melee weapons. When a psycho is killed, he drops his axe, but it can't be picked up.

Upon closer look, Psychos wear the same clothes as Suiciders. The Psycho doesn't make any noise until Simon looks at it, which triggers the Psycho to scream and run towards him.

Relevance to Simon

The Psycho could represent Simon's madness. The fact that the Psycho stays in dark corners might represent how Simon feels completely alone.



  • The Psycho's sounds are recycled from the Faceless. This is because the Psycho has actually got the exact same coding as the Faceless.
  • The Psycho has actually got a face, if the textures are checked. It has the same face as the first Slower variant.
  • The Psycho has the second fastest attack speed, first being the crawling Faceless.
  • The axe he is carrying is the exact same model as the Axe.
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