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Recidivist is a Custom Campaign created by EC.


Simon starts inside a room with a bed, sink, toilet and garbage can. When the player goes through the door infront of them they will go in to a forest, whilst walking a dialogue with Simon and someone called Doctor Adams plays in the background, according to the dialogue Simon refuses to open up to Doctor Adams and that Doctor Purnell died at one point after becoming Simon's mentor, Doctor Adams mentions that he has called Sophie to visit Simon but Simon tells him to call her back and tell her to not visit him as according to him his happiness became too dependent on her. Whilst talking Doctor Adams receives a phone call and tells Simon that he will continue when he comes back. If the player tries to wander away from the path Simon will say "I can't stray from this path...", after walking the player arrives at a corridor with a door at the end and two red hands hovering upon the door, when the player comes close to the door a Hangman will spawn behind the player chasing them, although it wont kill or even damage the player. When the player goes through the door they will see a Glock 19, going up to it a cutscene will play where Simon picks up the gun and shoots himself.

Chapter 1: Relapse[]

After the cutscene plays out Simon wakes back in the same room as the one after the introduction. Going through the door infront of the player, Simon finds many doors but all of them wont budge except for the one at the left, going up some stairs the player arrives at a lobby, going down the player can find a Tape Recorder and a "Kitchen Key". Going up, the player can find a kitchen, although since it is locked the player can use the kitchen key to unlock it and enter it. The player can find a different door, entering it the player can find a Nightstick and a "Security Key" and a cutscene plays, Simon says "This could be useful...". Going up to the Nightstick and security key a Children will break the door nearby. Going down again the player can unlock a "Security Storage" room with the security key. When the player enters the security storage room at the right the player can find Simon's Mobile Phone, picking it up the mobile phone will be in low battery. At the left when the player approaches the table a Faster will appear behind the player. The player can find a mobile phone battery and a Glock 19.

Leaving the security storage room, the player can go to an exit and arrive outside, the player can go inside of a shed — when the player goes outside of the shed a door that was previously boarded turns into a door from the Hallucination Sequence from Afraid of Monsters, although the player cannot still go through the door. Past the gate the player will have to do some parkouring, an illusion of Sophie could be seen, walking up to it she dissapears. Going forward, the player can arrive upon another illusion of Sophie this time sitting, a cutscene plays of her jumping down. An arrow pointing down will appear once the cutscene ends, when the player jumps down they will be send back infront of the shed. Going to the now unboarded door the player can turn off the power. After turning off the power the player can go through the door with the keypad, going down the player will need a tool to cut red tendrils similar to the Human Flower which is blocking the vent. Picking up a cleaver from the kitchen, the player can cut the red tendrils and go through the vents.

In the vents the player can find a Crawler. Continuing, a vent breaks below the player, going through a door the player finds a tape recorder and a door at the end of the corridor. Through the door, crying can be heard and when the player approaches the door at the end the door dissapears and screaming could be heard, when the player goes back everywhere will be all bloodied like the Nightmare Sequences. Going down a hole the player fights a "Sawer" that looks like a Faceless which makes noises from Sawrunner. Defeating the boss, when the player exits the room the player can go down newly appeared ladders.

Chapter 2: Escape[]

Going down the stairs, Simon goes down into a sewer, whilst walking up to a door the ground the player is standing on collapses and they will fall into water before the vision being blacked out. When Simon wakes up he finds himself in a forest, when the player picks up a lantern that is with the tree the player will teleports into a void area where they must parkour until they get into a hole where Sophie stands, going inside of the hole the vision turns completely white and the player is bought back to the forest. When the player follows the burned barrels two Crazyrunners will attack the player along the way. When the player goes through a door at the end they will find a sign that reads "Those who have bravery in their hearts. Leave their guide here" and the player will have to decide if they will leave their lantern or not, if the player gives their lantern up they will recieve a Remington 870, ammunition for it and Simon's mobile phone. When the player does not give up their lantern they will still keep their lantern but wont recieve anything. After the choice the player goes over the bridge two Slowers will attack the player, after going through the door at the end the chapter ends.

Chapter 3: Closure[]

In both choices Simon finds himself in a neighborhood, when the player goes through the door at the left they can enter the house of Sophie, in one room there is a Glock and two ammunition for it. When the player goes to the living room they can find a door under some stairs, when the player goes through they will find themselves in a room leading down stairs that is all bloodied up like the Nightmare Sequences. If the player gived up their lantern, when the player goes through the door at the end of the stairs they will be forced to shoot blocks that is sticking out of a giant pile of flesh infront of them whilst red tendrils come out of the ground that damages the player if they touch it, when the player shoots all of the blocks the screen fades to black with a conclusion that reads:


I am alive. I'm letting people in again. It feels good to see Sophie once in a while. I am reminded of what people consider normal every time she walks through my door. Her eyes open to me, without the sickness of judgement. It will never feel completely alright, but it has become bearable. So wonderfully bearable.

— Simon

When the player doesn't give up their lantern they will have to fight the same pile of flesh but this time they will have to shoot pictures of parts of a face that are behind a gate which makes it impossible to shoot down the pictures. At the left and right there will be corridors with switches at the end of them, when the player interactes with the switches the walls behind them will open and they will have an opportunity to shoot a picture, when the player shoots down every picture the screen fades to black with a conclusion that reads:


I've killed her, and now I'm going to kill myself. That's it. There's no catharsis at the end of this story. I never meant to kill a person before, at least, I don't think I have. I didn't think I would feel nothing, but I do. I feel nothing. Just, endless emptiness.

— Simon
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