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The Remington 870 is the only shotgun in Cry of Fear.


Simon finds it in the construction site, along with the Lighter. It's useful when fighting strong enemies, and most of the normal enemies can be killed with 1 or 2 shots.

If you decide to take the shotgun with you, when you return to the room before using the lighter, the place will be filled with Sewmos. Make your choice wisely.


  • Shotgun Shells comes in boxes of 9. (Considering ammunition for other weapons is always equivalent to 1 magazine, this is generous.)
  • Excellent for numerous enemies
  • High damage
  • Reloading can be interrupted to fire off shots as needed
  • Reloading doesn't waste unspent shells (Unlike all magazine fed weapons, which waste any rounds in the mag that weren't fired)


  • Medium-High recoil
  • Mediocre iron sights
  • Slow reload speed
  • Moderate Firing Speed
  • The damage is spread across 6 pellets, making it less useful at range
  • Whipping it will drain a small amount of stamina


Shoot sound


  • The Remington 870 is a pump action shotgun that can fire 12, 16, 20, and 28 gauge ammunition as well as .410 bore.
  • It first entered production in 1951 aimed at being a relatively low cost, reliable shotgun with modern design features.
  • The 870 is the most popular shotgun ever produced, with worldwide sales topping 10 million.
  • It is widely used both by civilians and law enforcement.
  • The laminated hardwood stock design makes it most likely that the model that Simon uses in game is the 870 Express, a lower cost variant that can take 12 and 20 gauge ammunition.
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