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SDK Campaign is a Custom Campaign made by Team Psykskallar, it was made to be an example for other custom campaigns.

Chapter 1: Lost in a SDK[]

It starts with the player infront of a door, you must pick up the key at the ground and unlock the door infront of you. The door at the right won't budge but the door at the left will lead to a Secret room, a Tape Recorder can also be found on the ground. The player must go up two ladders before reaching a door , beneath the door a M16 can be found on the ground infront of another door, entering that door will lead you outside where you get attacked by a Slower and a Faceless, there can be seven M16 found on the ground with another tape recorder. Entering the door you will have to fight Sawrunner who is called "Sawer". When you defeat the boss the campaign ends with a conclusion that reads:


"Hello! This is Andreas Rönnberg speaking, I'd just like to go through a couple of things to this SDK. We are not allowing anyone to use content from Cry of Fear in their own mods. We only allow people to use the CoF content to Cry of Fear itself, to for example mappacks and such. Hence why we haven't released the source code. Also if you want your maps and stuff to be integrated into Cry of Fear (so everyone who is playing Cry of Fear can play it from the main menu), you must not edit any Cry of Fear files, only add new files. For example if you want to edit a monster, copy the monster and edit the copied monster, not the original monster. When you are done with your campaign or mappack, PM ruMpel or James on the forums so we can discuss about your stuff. If you have edited any Cry of Fear files, we will not approve your mod and not integrate it into Cry of Fear. However if everything is fine and we do integrate your campaign, you will of course have your name or team name next to your custom campaign. We will help you as much as we can to get your mappack/campaign into the mod. Just register on our forums and ask us questions if you are stuck on anything. Visit the forums at We do support you! But keep in mind that this is not anything you can use to your own mods, still, only for Cry of Fear. Thank you, and happy modding!"

— Andreas Rönnberg
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