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The Sawcrazy is an enemy encountered in the Co-op Campaign and Suicide Maps of Cry of Fear. It is a mixture of the Sawrunner and the Crazyrunner.

About the Monster

The creature is extremely fast and very durable with an above average amount of health. If it manages to catch the player, it can kill them in one hit. Bear in mind that while this makes it a priority to avoid, it can be utilized to kill other monsters in Suicide Mode due to its keen lack of discretion towards what it kills with its chainsaws.

The monster previously made a single appearance in the official single player campaign following the 1.3 patch, appearing on the narrow pathway between the TL Trading building and the door towards the apartments where Sophie is encountered. However, it was removed following the 1.35 patch and taken out of the single player campaign entirely.

It also makes five appearances in the official Co-op campaign:

  • Its first appearance is in Kirkville at the beginning of the game, appearing on the second portion of the map upon exiting the parking garage.
  • The second encounter is at the beginning of the forest segment in an abandoned shack, inside a room stocked with weapons.
  • The third location is in the asylum on the second floor, close to the doorway the players must go through to progress out a nearby window.
  • The fourth encounter is in the lower levels of the subway upon reaching the city where it is fought alongside several Suiciders.
  • The fifth and final fight is in the cramped hallways of the TL Trading lower floor.

Relevance to Simon

Due to the monster killing other enemies that are close to it, Sawcrazy could represent Simon's indifference and hatred towards those around him.


  • Although Sawcrazy is barely faster than the player's forward walking speed, he's still can be outran as long as you have space.
  • You can easily kill any enemy with Sawcrazy by luring it to the enemy, this includes Book Simon. Doing this will save alot of ammo.
  • G43 will three-shot a Sawcrazy if you have perfect accuracy. Backing up and dodging backward allows you to keep good hip-fire accuracy and still outrun the Sawcrazy until you hit a dead end. If you have room to maneuver, though, you can kill him with basically anything.


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