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Saxon Avenue is a major location in Cry of Fear. Simon first uses this area to escape to Kirkville, and when that fails backtracks through here again to obtain a fuse. The Suicider also makes it's debut in this map, with the game dropping some of them on the streets


A general metropolitan intersection, the area is in complete disarray as there are vehicle wrecks littered everywhere along with a lot of enemies. This area is one of the only few that contains a subway station, and as such is the main focal point of this area. Despite being a small map in comparison to the rest of the game, the area contains a large variety of enemies. On the first pass there is a dangerous mob of Suiciders, and on the return another suicider and four Slowers.


  • Like most locations in Cry of Fear, Saxon avenue is based on a real life location known as Sankt Eriksplan.
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