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Scrolls of Shaimoon is a Custom Campaign created by ZikShadow.

Chapter 1: Awaken At The Temple[]

Simon wakes up in a temple next to a campfire with him asking himself "Uhh... what the... how long was i sleeping?", eventually Simon finds a Switchblade next to a dead Slower, a path opens up and the player must find a spade and open up a door. Eventually the player arrives at a wide area, four Slowers wake up and the player must defeat them, after defeating the Slowers you must jump down the opened coffin. Advancing more, the player is brought to an area similar to the Nightmare Sequences where they must parkour to the up. At the top Simon must fight Book Simon who looks similar to Shaimoon. After defeating Book Simon the player can find a book on a lectern, approaching the book will make the ground dissapear and you will fall into water.

Chapter 2: Beneath The Pyramid[]

Simon asks himself "What the??? Where did i just fell from???". The player must solve puzzles to unlock doors and advance through the pyramid. Solving the last puzzle will spawn many Flygares and make platforms appear to the final door. Going through the door the player must move forward, by every time the player enters the next room the surroundings gets more distorted. Eventually the player arrives at a wide area, a page on the ground can be found which reads:

Entry 34 It has been 2 days since "It" got out, many of my friends, colleagues, close friends, died, and somehow turned to one of "Them", but i survived, i manage to escape those things, but unfortunately i got into the underground parts of this pyramid. That's it, i am going to die today, if only i had not went to this stupid trip with that bitch Professor Sophie, if i survived this, i might even build myself a home right near the lake in Kirk ville. Entry 35 I entered the underground parts of this pyramid, encountaring many of that acursed beasts, i managed to kill some of them, but they are so many, i hid myself from here in this ball, with a bleeding up my hand to my head, i don't think i'm going to survive this one, If anybody reads this, and manage to get through them, please, follow the-
— Note

When you move forward all of the lights go off and you must escape from mummies that act similar to Sawrunner, when the player finds the right door the campaigns ends with a conclusion that reads:


And so Roderick was trapped in this temple, with nowhere to go and what seems like death following him where ever he go, he awaits for the one, coming for his own doom... There will be many of things in the continuation of this CC, prepare to face your Egyptian horrors like before, facing the dark sands of the deserts as you face against enemies you never even thought of, attempting to defeat the pharaoh himself, Shaimoon, and save Egypt from a terrible horrifying fate... "And awaits Shaimoon in his domain of Egypt, he is dead as he is not for he is dreaming, and whoever shall opens his book, shall be cursed with eternal suffering, and those he or shall it be she cared and loved, there is no reversing of this curse, whoever it is, be it man, woman, or child, the pharaoh forgives none, for his book be the eternal damnation of Egypt and if may be, the world..." To Be Continued...

— Unknown
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