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The Sewmo is an enemy encountered in Cry of Fear, especially in the Sewers and dark places throughout the game.

About the Monster

Their primary attack (while tied up) is to shoot their tongue, which reaches long distances. It can easily be dodged. Their movement is restricted when they first spawn since The Sewmo's arms are caught in barbed wire. The barbed wire can be broken from repeated strikes from a melee weapon, but it is not recommended to do so because the monster becomes faster and more powerful. Hitting or shooting the creature in the head can potentially prevent the creature from getting loose.

Relevance to Simon

The way it attacks when it is caught in barbed wire may slightly represent Simon's anger and bitterness by "lashing" out. Another interpretation is that they are tied as if they were wearing a straitjacket, and still attacking with their head: restraining their body is useless when they can harm with their head (like Simon's mind).


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