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The Sledgehammer is the third melee weapon in the game.


Simon finds it inside the train car in the Subway Station. It is one of the most powerful melee weapons that can be found in the single player campaign (not counting the Axe).

The Sledgehammer can also be found in one of the yards outside the houses in Kirkville near the end of the game.


  • Strongest melee weapon overall (Not counting David Leatherhoff's axe)
  • Capable of destroying brick walls (this happens only once)


  • Slowest swing speed overall
  • Not useful for hitting enemies before they attack first - it's possible but very hard to get the good timing
  • Each swing of the sledgehammer depletes the stamina gauge by a small amount
  • Unable to be dual-wielded


  • Hitting an enemy with a Sledgehammer will stun them similarly to bashing them with any two-handed rifle. This makes the Sledgehammer insanely powerful if you get the timing down, because you could technically melee a Taller due to the fact that it can both stun an enemy to prevent him from doing any damage and still do more damage than the Remington 870 per hit.


Swing sound


  • Book Simon also uses the Sledgehammer both in single player, Manhunt and custom campaigns.
  • The Sledgehammer was supposed to be featured in the original Afraid of Monsters (as stated by Andreas Rönnberg himself during the making of the mod), but ended up cut in the final version.
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