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The Spitter is a monster only encountered in the train segment of Cry of Fear. While Simon searches for the lost feet, he will encounter this creatures. It also appears in the Co-op campaign, when the cops are in the train.

About the Monster

These creatures are suspended from the roof of the train and will force their upper halves through the windows of the train as Simon passes in order to attack him, spitting sludge at the player. Once killed a Spitter will lose its grip on the train and fall onto the tracks below.

Since the area where you fight them is a very closed area, it can be hard to kill them or to avoid them without being attacked at least once.

Relevance to Simon

The creature may be slightly relevant to Simon's crippled state as it cannot move freely followed by its blind-folded appearance hence Simon's vulnerable and lost feelings in his mind regarding whether he should resist suicide or pull the trigger.


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