Damage: 1 (Easy)
2 (Medium)
5 (Difficult)
10 (Nightmare)
Health: 50 (Easy)
70 (Medium)
90 (Difficult)
150 (Nightmare)
Encountered in: TL Trading AB
Entity name: monster_stranger
The Stranger (a.k.a. Facebook for obvious reasons) is a monster in Cry of Fear. A lethal enemy that is rare to find, Strangers are slow but very dangerous. They are able to be located by listening to their distinct breathing, appearing as men in suits with an opened book for a head.

About the monster

When approached, a Stranger will begin to assault Simon telepathically, the player rapidly suffering damage until the Stranger has been killed. Once killed the creature will let out an inhuman groan and begin to twitch rapidly and flicker before simply vanishing.

It would be smart to try and avoid a stranger when possible. With the cost to both health and ammunition proving taxing if the player decides to kill the stranger. In the case where the player chooses to kill the stranger it is highly advised to wield a powerful weapon such as the hunting rifle or the AR-15/M16 through the fight as the stranger is not a foe to take on in a fight of attrition.

Stranger again

As well as this it would also be smart not to take on a stranger unless you have around one half of your health remaining as any less could result in the player dying from the stranger's telepathic assault before the player can deal a deadly blow.

The hand model was re-used for the second serious nightmare, where Simon ventures through a bloody corridor and proceeds to a room with a grate floor, which then hands pop out from the floor, attacking Simon at the same attack speed as the Stranger

Relevance to Simon

The Stranger might represents how Simon's book is starting to take a toll on him by hurting him because of recollecting all those memories and causing pain to his emotions. Also, it could represent the stranger who crashed his car against Simon, causing him to be on a wheelchair for the rest of his life.