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The Subways is a network of tunnels in Cry of Fear that Simon attempts to utilize in an attempted escape to Kirkville. Containing arguably the widest variety of enemies and its size, it can be said this area is the biggest and most expansive in the game.


The subways represent a basic metro train network, and as such utilize many service tunnels and different railways to achieve this. Simon travels here to catch a train so he can escape to his hometown. As his luck always turns out, the trains are not running and he needs to use a different station's network to take a train out of the city he's currently in. This requires him to take the unlit service tunnels to the adjacent station. When he reaches this station, he witnesses the doctor fatally shoot someone before fleeing. This is where Simon needs to find two fuses in order to unlock the door he escaped through.

Relevance to Simon

It's probably how he often takes the subway to get from his home to Stockholm to start his daily routine.


  • Like most locations in Cry of Fear, the Subways are based on a real location, being a depiction of most subways (generally along the red line) that serve Stockholm.
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