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Two players fighting for their survival throughout the suicide map

Suicide maps are timed survival levels for single or co-op play.


Originally after the launch of Cry of Fear, there were no options/tools provided for creating any campaign or suicide maps. This was recently added in patch version 1.3 of the game, where suicide maps had been introduced and so had the tools for creating suicide maps. Since then onward, many mappers have put effort in creating enjoyable content for the community to play. 

A suicide map is basically a “timed survival” mode in which four players who spawn as cops fight hordes of enemies. A specific time limit (30 minutes in the official suicide maps provided by the Developers) is allocated for the players which is decreased by a set amount when a monster is killed. Monsters will also leave behind ammunition or a syringe when they are killed. The players win the game when the timer is reduced to 00:00:00.

2013-05-31 00001

Simon's Nightmare stage

Occasionally during the map, Book Simon spawns with a shotgun as a boss enemy. The time limit freezes while Book Simon is present, and killing enemies will not drop ammo, syringes or reduce the timer until he has been killed.

The Team developers provided four suicide maps, which all had the same possible endings:

  • If the team survives in the allotted time, a cutscene will play showing that the cops have prevented Simon from committing suicide.
  • If all of the team members die, a cutscene will play showing that Simon has finished writing his book, picked up his weapon and when he shoots himself, the screen fades out, hinting that Simon has committed suicide already.

Official Maps

Waspet Gardens

The first suicide map takes place in Waspet Gardens. The main enemies encountered are:

Saxon Avenue

The second suicide map takes place in Saxon Avenue. The main enemies encountered are:

The Forest

The third suicide map takes place in the forest. The main enemies encountered are:

Nightmare Sequence

The final suicide map takes place in the Dead nightmare sequence. The main enemies encountered are:

  • Faceless (Twisted variant)
  • Slower (No variant)
  • Flygare
  • Sawcrazy

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