Damage: Medium (Glock)
High (P345)
Health: 25 (Easy)
40 (Medium)
50 (Difficult)
70 (Nightmare)
Encountered in: Saxon Avenue
Entity name: monster_suicider

The Suicider is an enemy encountered in Cry of Fear, specifically when entering Saxon Avenue for the first time. He is the only enemy (aside from Doctor Purnell) who attacks Simon with a firearm, charging towards him with a Glock 19, firing rapidly and inaccurately with no care for self-preservation.

About the Monster

Suiciders are perfect means for acquiring large amounts of Glock ammo, since they drop their guns when killed. Once the Suicider has emptied its magazine or the player has gotten too close, it will stop and raise the Glock to its own head, killing itself. The player can either choose to face the creature in a gun battle in which headshots are extremely effective and easy to pull off -- due to its big head -- or melee it, which is riskier. Also of note is that if the player does not have a glock in his inventory and picks one up from a suicider that has killed itself, there will still be a bullet in the chamber, though it will still provide a full magazine if the player has a Glock. If one looks closely the suicider wears the same clothes as the Psycho.

In the co-op campaign Manhunt, they wield a Ruger P345 instead of the Glock.

Be careful on Nightmare mode as they can get head shots which will result in an instant kill.

Relevance to Simon

The Suicider is likely meant to be symbolic of Simon's desire to do the same to himself in the real-world.


  • Like Slower 1, the Suicider has a head texture that says "E.T."
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