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Syringe is a piece of equipment in Cry of Fear.


The morphine syringes are the only way to replenish health (excluding the pills that are not in the single-player campaign except for the secret ending). Simon can carry up to 9 spare syringes (plus the one he actually wields) and it's recommended to use if health is near 25% since they become more scarce as the game progresses. Depending on the difficulty chosen, the syringe can heal from 100% to 50% of health. Morphine can also replenish your whole stamina bar so use it wisely. Using two syringes in a too little time span will make Simon's vision turn blurry because of the overdose, but it will not damage the player in any way.


  • Use when you're in low health since low health can make your movement speed decreased. (Low health, aside from the obvious meter on the side, can be determined by Simon having a visible limp to his walk, which results in the camera tweeting from one side to the other with every step, and the occasional ambient grunt of pain.)
  • The stamina bar can only be fully replenished when you're low on health. Using a syringe while at max or near max health will only give you a minuscule amount of stamina. However, after the Doctor fight the stamina will no longer be tied to your health and will always fully replenish after using a syringe.


  • Morphine is a medication used to relieve pain. It directly effects your Central Nervous System and changes the way you respond to pain.
  • When Simon rolls up his sleeve to inject the Morphine, he reveals some cuts on his wrist which are from his suicide attempts and/or self harm.
  • When equipping a Syringe for the first time, Simon or the cops note that the player should be careful using it.
  • If a player wishes to drop all of the syringes they have, when the player picks them up after they will have 1 syringe missing. This is a bug.
  • When using a Syringe and just before triggering a cutscene, the audio will play normally but if the health bar hasn't filled before the cutscene is triggered, the Syringe will be used and no health will have been refilled. This is a bug. (Only tested with the cutscene before acquiring the keycard.)


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