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The Taller is an enemy encountered throughout in Cry of Fear.


This monstrosity is a considerable threat to the unaware player, but is easily avoidable. Due to their slow speed a quick player can simply sprint past a Taller without trouble. It is possible to fight the enemy and take it down, however the considerable amount of health makes it ill advised as it will consume a lot of time and ammo to take the enemy down.


The Taller is the tallest monster from in the game. It appears as a male humanoid creature with dull light-brown skin splotched with blood-stains. Its oddly-shaped head consists empty eye-sockets and a screaming mouth.


Getting close to a Taller is ill-advised, as the creature can easily kill Simon with little effort. The Taller will punch Simon if he gets too close, which will send the player flying and onto the ground where they will be immobilized. The Taller will then approach Simon while he is incapacitated and stomp on him, finishing him off brutally. It is possible to stand up after being hit by either clicking the mouse or pressing the jump key. All instances of the taller in game can be avoided, however should you choose to fight it headshots will be the best way to kill it. Due to their enormous size and slow movement speed, headshots are easier on this enemy in particular, even more so if you're using the Hunting Rifle.

Despite the threat this enemy can be, there's are just 4 in the main campaign; 3 at the back of Waspet Gardens (accessed during the backtracking section) and one that randomly appears on the other side of the bus (during the backtracking section before Ronald Street). On the contrary, in the co-op campaign there are many of them, encountered in Kirkville, the Forest and the City, sometimes appearing 3 or 4 at the same time.

Relevance to Simon

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The Taller may represent a personified form of Simon's overwhelming depression. The damage it inflicts could also be related to this. It may also represent how Simon feels tiny and weak in his wheelchair. And how he feels everyone is massive compared to him and how easy it would be for them to crush him.

The Taller could also represent the overwhelming size of the struggle Simon feels in his own head and the challenge of getting his mind on order trying to come to terms with Sophie's rejection and attempting to trust Doctor Purnell.


  • The player can lure Sawcrazy to the Taller in order to defeat it easily.


  • Originally, the player could crouch in front of this enemy and attack the Taller without him attacking back. This was taken out when Patch 1.2 was released and the player are now currently unable to do this.
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