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The Taurus Revolver is the most powerful handgun in the game.


Simon obtains it after killing Doctor Purnell in the asylum (if the player chooses not to give him the gun). It's also available in the Doctor ModeCo-op Campaign and Suicide maps.


  • High damage
  • High accuracy
  • Good iron sights
  • Reloading can be interrupted


  • Has low ammo capacity (5 rounds)
  • Slow reload speed
  • Difficult to score a fatal shot on agile enemies, which can lead to wasted bullets
  • It cannot be dual wielded


Firing sound


  • A small detail not actually seen in-game, the model itself has the manufacturer and serial number etched onto it, labelled "TAURUS INT. MFG. MIAMI, FL - USA" and "MADE IN BRAZIL".
  • As identified by the serial number, the revolver model shown in the game is the Taurus Ultralight Model 85, a .38 special snub nose, small framed revolver.
  • Although the revolver is the most powerful handgun in Cry of Fear, in real life a .38 special will deliver ~230 foot pounds of force, however the .45 ACP used in the Ruger P345 delivers 450-600 foot pounds of force, so in real life it is likely that the P345 would have more stopping power than the revolver.
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