Team Psykskallar in their 2013 meeting.

Team Psykskallar are the developers of Cry of Fear.

The team was created by ruMpel and Minuit. The team's name is translated to Team Sickheads (with a playword were sick sounds as psych). They also developed Afraid of Monsters DC and created almost everything in Resident Evil: Cold Blood.

Note: To clarify any doubts you might have, Afraid of Monsters DC was developed by Team Psykskallar, the original Afraid of Monsters was made only by ruMpel.

Current Members


Aina Hatlevik: Voice Actor (Sophie)

Ian Wiese: Voice Actor (The Cops)

Acidsnake: Weapon Skinner

Szliajmaggot: Boss Modeller/Skinner

Milo: Weapons Modeller/Skinner

Muddasheep: Music/Beta Tester

ToTac: Website Desing/HTML & CSS

Former Members

wornz: NPC Modeller/Skinner

Sporkeh: Weapon Modeller/Skinner/Animator



The answer to any worthless request

  • A picture of Minuit is used as a meme in the Cry of Fear website forum. It's a picture of him smiling with a text that says "It will never be added". This meme is commonly used as a reply to any request that would somehow ruin the game, not being beneficial for anyone, like more firearms, reduced difficulty or any "Call of Duty based mode".
  • DragonNOR also has a meme of his face with an awkward smile (no text added) which is used as a smiley in the website forums as well as being added in the Cry of Fear Halloween Community Collab campaign. This meme is also DragonNOR's current avatar in the website.
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  • A reference to Minuit can also be found on the Half-Life 2: EP 2 horror mod, Grey. In a wall there's a graffiti that says "Minuit nerd".
  • Sporkeh was known as a troll on his time period with Team Psykskallar given his habit to comment first on some screenshot uploaded, followed by his comment being downvoted.