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Team Psykskallar are the developers of Cry of Fear.

The team was created by ruMpel and Minuit. The team's name is translated to Team Sickheads (with a playword where sick sounds as psych). They also developed Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut (Not the original Afraid of Monsters which was made by ruMpel only) and created almost everything in Resident Evil: Cold Blood.



The answer to any worthless request

2013-06-08 00001
  • A picture of Minuit is used to be a meme in the Cry of Fear website forum. It's a picture of him smiling with a text that says "It will never be added". This meme is commonly used as a reply to any request that would somehow ruin the game, not being beneficial for anyone, like more firearms, reduced difficulty or any "'Call of Duty based mode".
    • DragonNOR also has a meme of his face with an awkward smile (no text added) which is used as a smiley in the website forums as well as being added in the Halloween Collaboration.
  • A reference to Minuit can also be found on the Half-Life 2: Episode 2 horror mod Grey. In a wall there's a graffiti that says "Minuit nerd".
  • Sporkeh was known as a troll on his time period with Team Psykskallar given his habit to comment first on some screenshot uploaded, followed by his comment being downvoted.

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