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The Black Day is that event that led to Cry of Fear. After this event Simon's life would change forever. It is presumed that this happened the same day that Simon confessed his feelings to Sophie. The "Black Day" is mentioned in the corridor nightmare sequence.


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The man looking at Simon

Simon goes back home (presumably from College) using the subway system. After walking a while, a man crawling on the sidewalk asks for help. Simon immediately proceeds to help him, only to hear a white car nearing him, pinning him to a wall. The car driver escapes and the man that was lying on the street is seen observing Simon. After this, the police arrives along with an ambulance, possibly being called by the man on the sidewalk. Simon survives the hit-and-run accident, but he's left paraplegic due to the severe spinal damage on the accident, aside from the mental trauma he suffered that worsened his already deppresive state.

Purnell's diagnosis on Simon. Heard in the Corridor Nightmare Sequence.

Simon becomes reclusive and spiteful of his life, taking excessive amounts of pills to "feel better". Doctor Purnell assists him as his psychiatrist, but his therapy is unsuccessful due to Simon's denial of talking about his personal life before the incident. Purnell suggests Simon should write a book as a form of cognitive therapy, noting down his thoughts, feelings, and anxieties. Simon does as instructed, starting the events of Cry of Fear.

In the Co-op Campaign, the police manage to prevent this event from happening by arresting the car driver, although this ending is not considered canon.

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