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The Cops are members of the Swedish police and the protagonists of the co-op and Manhunt campaigns. They are voiced by Ian "Dr.Doozer" Wiese.


Co-op Campaign

After becoming interested in Simon's case and reading his book, they eventually become sucked into the world his book created and begin a journey to stop the events of Cry of Fear from ever occurring by attempting to prevent Simon's crippling accident.


Upon further investigation, they realized that if they managed to stop Doctor Purnell from becoming Simon's therapist, the whole events leading to Simon's book being created could be stopped. The cops then proceed their manhunt for the Doctor.


  • In the 4th ending, Simon shoots 2 of the cops, who had entered to prevent him from committing suicide. After the psychosis episode, he realizes what he did, filling him with grief for what he did to those 2 cops, which results in sending him to a mental hospital for the rest of his life. Whilst there, Simon receives treatment from Dr. Purnell and is visited by Sophie.
  • In the Co-op ending, they prevent the accident that crippled Simon, thus preventing any of the events that take place throughout the single player. In the end, Simon can be seen walking with Sophie, holding her hand, suggesting they started a relationship.
  • In Manhunt, they manage to stop Purnell from becoming Simon's doctor, thus preventing the creation of Simon's Book and the whole events of Cry of Fear.



  • All of the cops have the same voice. The only difference between all of them is their skin color and hair.
  • When the new co-op campaign Manhunt was released, the cops models were slightly improved.
  • Initially, the players had to equip a Radio to communicate between them in game. This idea was removed, perhaps for being uncomfortable for players.
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