The Face or Facehead is one of the many apparitions that Simon has during Cry of Fear and the first one to be encountered. Appears twice in the game:

  • In the prologue, after almost reaching the X in the distance. It'll burst out from the dark while making a loud scream, awaking Simon from the nightmare.
  • In a room lined with cages of Faceless, and the Face trapped by its neck through a hole in the floor. It does not acknowledge Simon's presence in any way, and only continues to turn, stare and bite wildly, though it will bite Simon if he approach it.

The Face has the honor of being the first scare in the whole game, as well as the most brutal one.

Relevance to Simon

The Face's significance to Simon is unknown. It is at first very intimidating, but is later revealed to be insane, incapable of movement and completely helpless. It may very well represent Simon's self-loathing and distress at his current situation.



  • The eyes from The Face are reused during the psychotic break Simon has in the 4th (good) ending.

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